Since I started my editing company, Rose Professional Editing Service, one of the most common complaints that many Clients share with me during our first conversation is that they have been working on their dissertations for years. As a result, many students noted the huge financial burden that they are experiencing. Many students reported that they are running out of money or have ran out of money. As an editor, coach, and mentor, my goal is to help Clients finish their dissertations as quickly as possible so that they can graduate and stop incurring debt. So along with my first company, I created this subscription-based coaching and mentoring company in order to help and reach a larger group of students. I find it truly rewarding and proud to see my Clients finish and I can all them Doctors.

Normally, completing your dissertation should only take 1 year. If you are going to a distance learning school, where you are completing your dissertation online, then it may take a little bit more, but you should be completing your dissertation within a year and a half. There are many reasons why it is taking students many years to complete their dissertations:

  1. Students may not be receiving the in-depth guidance that they need from their Committee.
  2. Students may not be receiving the proper guidance.
  3. The dissertation resources offered by the school and academic program may be lacking and confusing.
  4. Students may not be reviewing their school’s and academic program’s dissertation resources; thus, not being proactive.
  5. Students may struggle with the dissertation style of writing.
  6. Students may lack motivation and avoid writing their dissertations at a quick enough space.
  7. Students may feel lost and intimidated.
  8. Students may have to juggle a lot of other responsibilities, such as family and work obligations; therefore, they may find it challenging to find time to work on their dissertation.

As the student, you have to fully take charge of your dissertation journey. This will help you to save time and money. Therefore, you have to be very proactive. This subscription-based coaching and mentoring company provides you with dissertation information that will help you to complete your dissertation at a quicker pace, including guidance on being respectfully proactive, which is located under the Dissertation Process main page. So subscribe now!