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Coaching/Mentoring by Phone: Scheduling Calendar

Dr. Carolyn Rose-Smith also offers additional Coaching and Mentoring services by phone through her other company, Rose Professional Editing Service, LLC. Dr. Rose Dissertation University offers you a broad range of information that you should use to help you complete your dissertation at a quicker pace; thus, saving you time and money. So subscribe to Dr. Rose Dissertation University today. However, every student’s dissertation is unique; therefore, the feedback you receive from your Committee Members or University Research Reviewer (URR) is unique to your dissertation. So you may require additional personal coaching and mentoring services to help you properly interpret and update your dissertation. Dr. Rose-Smith also do coaching and mentoring services for other academic work as well.

If you would like personal coaching and mentoring services by phone for your dissertation or any other academic work, please go to the Scheduling Calendar under the Additional Services page and schedule your coaching/mentoring session. Coaching/Mentoring session ae offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The fee for coaching/mentoring is $50 per hour. However, if you are a previous client and have a coaching/mentoring agreement already in place, your coaching/mentoring fee is what is noted in the agreement. Each coaching/mentoring slot is 1 hour. If you think you will need more than 1 hour, please reserve multiple slots. Payments are due before the coaching/mentoring session begins. To make your payment, please go to Rose Professional Editing Service website:

Then follow the PayPal payment instructions to pay with or without a PayPal Account.

15 Minutes of the scheduled time will be used to review your document prior to your session with Dr. Rose-Smith. After you have scheduled your session, please e-mail Dr. Rose-Smith your document at least 1 day before the session date so that Dr. Rose-Smith can review your document prior to the session:

To learn more about coaching/mentoring sessions by phone or to contact Dr. Rose-Smith regarding this service, the contact information for Rose Professional Editing Services is listed below:

Rose Professional Editing Service, L.L.C.
Work: 571-264-8095 EST

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