Dissertation Writing Retreats

Dr. Carolyn Rose-Smith will also offer 2-day Dissertation Writing Retreats in the future. The retreats will take place on Saturdays and Sundays. The Retreats will focus on the writing of your entire dissertation proposal. However, specific focus will be placed on helping you develop and narrow down your research focus; develop your problem statement, purpose statement, and research questions (and hypotheses if applicable). Individuals who attend the Retreats will also receive a free 1 hour coaching/mentoring session within 6 months after the Retreat. The free 1 hour coaching/mentoring session will help you to make continuous forward progress. So keep checking back to find out when and where these Retreats will be offered. You can also check for any updates about these Retreats by going to the website for Dr. Rose-Smith’s other company:

Rose Professional Editing Service, L.L.C.
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