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Welcome to Dr. Rose Dissertation University, an online dissertation coaching and mentoring learning resource for students and professors. I am Dr. Carolyn Rose-Smith, founder of Dr. Rose Dissertation University. I am an academic and dissertation editor, coach, and mentor. I am also the founder of Rose Professional Editing Service.I use my knowledge and experience to help students achieve their goals. To learn more about me, please click on the About Us main page.

Students from different universities and different academic programs have contacted me over the years for dissertation editing and refining services, as well as coaching and mentoring services by phone. Many professors have also referred their students to me and many of my Clients have also referred their fellow colleagues as well. Many students have shared with me the different challenges that they have experienced on their dissertation journey such as their dissertations taking years to complete, running out of funds to continue, lack of support from Committee Members, inconsistent guidance among Committee Members, and feeling lost and wanting to quit. However, when students contact me and say that they want to quit due to the many challenges that they are experiencing, my response is always the same, “It is too late to quit because you have now contacted me and I do not support that decision.” I believe that students can overcome any challenge as long as they have the support they need; become knowledgeable about their schools’ and academic programs’ dissertation policies, procedures, learning resources, and templates; and know how to respectfully advocate on their own behalf, and that is the purpose of Dr. Rose Dissertation University. I became inspired to create this online coaching and mentoring website after listening, speaking, and working with many students. I too can relate to the challenges that many of my Clients have gone through or are going through. Even though I do coaching and mentoring by phone, I also wanted to provide an online coaching and mentoring resource that could reach as many doctoral students as possible with the goal of empowering as many students to achieve their goal of becoming a Doctor.It is heartbreaking for me to see or hear about a student giving up after putting in all their time, effort, and money to get to the dissertation stage and then give up due to challenges they have encountered. There are so many past doctoral students who are in ABD status who have left their academic program, which means they have completed all but their dissertation and then decided not to complete their degree due to the challenges they have encountered.

So Dr. Rose Dissertation University’s goal is to help students take charge of their dissertation journey by becoming knowledgeable about every step of their dissertation process, to know what dissertation resources to use, and if problems arise, to learn how to respectfully overcome those challenges.Most students struggle to pay their tuition and many students take way too long to complete their dissertation. Therefore, the aim is to help students complete their dissertation in a timely manners; thus, saving you money and helping you accomplish your goal.

Students, take charge of your dissertation journey and subscribe to Dr. Rose Dissertation University now. Please feel free to share this amazing dissertation resource with your fellow colleagues. Professors, by subscribing to Dr. Rose Dissertation University, you will have a reputable dissertation resource available to you that has been created by a fellow Doctor and you can also refer your students to this website as well. Also, students and professors are welcome to provide content suggestions to Dr. Rose Dissertation University.